Tingshas (or finger cymbals / meditation cymbals) are a pair of thick domed metal disks linked by a leather thong. They are used in Tibetan Buddhism to punctuate sections of a meditation, to bring clarity and focus to a meditation, or to invoke or banish spirits. They are excellent for aura and space cleansing. Different designs are produced with Tibetan script, including: Om Mani Padme Hum (Tibetan Mantra of compassion), Eight Auspicious symbols (good fortune) and Dragons (long life).

Sizes are measured as Diameter by Height. All sizes are approximate and small size variations do occur.

For further information on tingshas see Articles


a large tingshamedium tingshas

sample sound £27.00
sample sound £35.00
Very Large for Therapists
small tingshasvery small tingshas

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Therapy tingshas

Therapy tingshas are large and may be decorated or simply polished

Made with a special alloy for tonal purity. Larger diameter and longer sustain than standard tingshas.

Decorated hxd
sample sound £45.00
Plain hxd
sample sound £45.00

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Tingsha Covers

tingshah cover

Made of cotton brocade with felt separator and zip closure. Various colours.

small hxd   £5.00
medium hxd   £6.00
large hxd   £7.00

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Tingsha Pouches

tingshahh pouches

An alternative pouch made of satin brocade with seperate open/close drawstrings. Exotic, but less durable. Various colours.


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