Paiste Symphonic gongs

Paiste's oldest version of the instrument, the Symphonic Gongs have a slightly raised surface with a harmonic and universal sound structure. The fundamental note of the gong is balanced with the instrument's complex overtones.

A good starting point for a gong collection, the Symphonic contains even proportions of various gong characteristics, which can be brought forth using different mallets and striking points.
Symphonic Gongs feature some of the largest examples of the instrument available, like the 60" SGM and the extraordinary 80", the world's largest gong. Larger sizes are available on request. For Sound Therapy use a minimum size of 28'' is recommended.

This gong has three choices regarding the logo: with Paiste logo as illustrated, without logo or with the 'tao loi' (happiness comes), two chinese characters, one above, one below the gong's centre. Please note Paiste mallets are additional to the cost of the gong.

Please contact us for gong/stand/mallet packages

paiste gong
24" Moon Sidereal/Venus £789.00
24" Moon Syn/Neptune/Uranus £789.00
28" Jupiter/Day Sidereal sample sound £1099.00
30" Platonic Year   £1219.00
32" Merc/Mars/Sat/Chiron/Nibiru   £1349.00
36" Pluto   £ 2189.00
38" Earth/Sun/Sedna   £2749.00
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