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Paiste Accent

set of paiste accent gongs

Harsh, brash sounding with distinctive character. These gongs produce a bright, fierce sound perfect for - as the name suggests - accents.

                      7" £70.00
  10" £105.00
  13" £149.00
  22" £519.00
paiste 22 inch accent gong

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Sound Creation Gongs

sound creation gong by paiste
sound creation gong by paiste
sound creation gong by paiste

Sound creation gongs are designed to have a particular sound character. The three earth gongs, and three chakra gongs are the only ones currently made. The earth gongs are described thus: "Unfathomable and dark with swelling highs".

3 Earth - 26" £1229.00
3A Earth - 32" £1665.00
3B Earth - 38"   £3229.00
8 Head - 11"   £779.00
9 Chest -14"   £919.00
10 - Abdomen - 16"   £1089.00
head sound creation gong by paiste
chest sound creation gong by paiste
abdomen sound creation gong by paiste

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Deco Gong Set - with Stand & Mallet

Deco gongs are produced by hand hammering, as are all our gongs. Essentially, the Deco is a miniature Symphonic Gong. The instrument produces a fascinating and wonderfully exotic sound. True gongs with complex harmonics, make a unique and decorative addition to your personal or musical environment.

Set prices include gong, stand and mallet

  7" set £88.00
  10" set £128.00
  13" set £176.00

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