Old Himalayan Singing Bowls

We have old bowls in various sizes from 4’’ up to 12’’ in diameter. This type of bowl is becoming harder to source as the demand for old bowls increases. As supply reduces, the prices increase: large bowls of very high quality in both sound and appearance are now commanding astronomical prices driven by the demand from America, Germany and Japan. We source our bowls from both Nepal and within the UK. All our bowls are of Himalayan origin and realistically priced.

All of our bowls have been chosen primarily for their sound quality and ease of playing as well as appearance. This means that some bowls might appear cosmetically challenged but have fine sound qualities.

Stock availability is constantly changing. Please inquire for the size and sound you are seeking. We can advise and recommend according to your intended usage. We are pleased to demonstrate bowls over the telephone as many of our clients have found this a satisfactory way of distinguishing between different sounding bowls. We have not yet had a bowl returned that was chosen in this way.

We can make no claims as to the actual age of these bowls but to the best of our knowledge these are ‘old’ in the sense that they generally have a genuine patina (not sprayed on like some ‘’old’’ bowls) and have obvious indications of long usage such as indentations, hammer marks, staining etc.

Bowls are sold by weight. As a guide, a 4’’ diameter bowl with playing wand can cost between £25 and £30, a 6’’ bowl and wand £40 to £60 and a 12’’ bowl between £250 and £350 including a complement of playing wands and mallets.


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