New Himalayan Singing Bowls

New Plain Bowls

These are more regular and cleaner in appearance and are very easy to play. They are available in sizes from 4’’ to 7’’ in diameter. Their sound quality is a little different being generally characterised by a higher note compared to an old bowl of similar weight and diameter when using a playing wand . They also cost less than old bowls.

New Plain Bowls are sold by weight.   As a guide a 4’’ bowl with playing wand costs from £20 to £25 and a 6’’ bowl and wand from £35 to £45


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New Bowl Gift Sets

These are modern engraved or etched dark bowls in a nice handmade cardboard box covered in handmade Himalayan lokta paper with a Tibetan Om design on the box top, singing bowl history and playing instructions printed on the inner lid.

The box sets contain a saucer shaped bowl, small playing wand and a bowl mat. Colour of mat varies.

  Medium set  £24.00
  Large set  £29.00

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New Decorated Bowls

We carry a range of bowl shapes and designs that are etched, engraved, anodised or plated.  These bowls are characterised by beautiful designs of Buddhas, mandalas, tibetan scripts, Buddhist auspicious symbols and a clean high tone.  These have proven very popular. 

They come in sizes from 3’’ to 5’’ in diameter. Prices start from £19 for a 3’’ bowl and wand to around £29 to £35 for a 5’’ bowl and wand depending on finish.


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