Meditation CDs


Kevin has released a CD recorded in an old Devon church playing gongs + singing bowls.

sound clip
Resonance CD cover image - a selection of mediations on sacred sounds 1 Chakra Meditation: Gong/Deep Bowls | 10:03
sample sound
2 Chakra Meditation: Medium Bowls | 8:11
sample sound
3 Chakra Meditation: High Bowls | 9:08
sample sound
4 Gong Waves | 4:49
sample sound
5 Energising Gong | 5:36
sample sound
6 Transformative Gong | 22.25
sample sound

Unfortunately during the transfer of the extracts of these tracks, some digital noise is present on the fade in or fade out. This clicking noise is NOT on the original Resonance cd tracks. These sound samples will be replaced shortly with click free versions.

Resonance CD @ £10.00

Future releases

Kevin has recorded a CD of just singing bowl meditations and also one just of gong meditations. These will be released in summer 2007.

Kevin has also played gongs on 'Sacred Gift' by Neil H in June 2006. This is available directly from:
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