a Paiste symphonic gongGongs are the ultimate sound tool for transformation. Used by the Ancients since 2,500 BC for sacred ceremonies and invoking the spirits. Gongs are said to produce the sound of AUM.

Rediscovered in modern times, the gong is now used in complementary therapeutic practice worldwide for meditation, emotional blockage release, healing, transformative body-mind-soul work, auric and space cleansing and Kundalini yoga practice.

Paiste have been making gongs since the 1930's and are a specialist percussion maker developing their own metal alloys for the gongs. Their gongs are handmade in Germany and so are more expensive than Chinese gongs. Their gong mallets are additional to the cost of the gong. They produce two gong ranges: the Symphonic and the Planet range.

China has been making gongs for around four thousand years and still manufactures gongs in the traditional bronze alloy. We source our gongs from the best factory in China and currently stock two ranges: the Chao gong and the Wind gong. A playing mallet is included in the cost of the gong.

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