Bowl Accessories

Choosing the right wand to bring out the best from your bowl is so important. The density of the wood (hard or soft wood) and its diameter both affect the sound when used on a bowl. A hardwood wand generally brings out a slightly brighter sound than a softwood wand, at the expense of a more noticeable playing noise for the wand.

A suede-covered wand brings out low tones from the bowl, producing a very different sound texture to that from wands. However suede covered wands only work on bowls above 6" diameter or thereabouts. These are made in different diameter of various softwoods, beautifully tuned, easy to hold and offer a quality alternative to the Himalayan made wands.

We also have a custom range wands made by a Devon craftsman.

Using a mallet produces a lovely bell or gong-like tone. We have two sizes of mallet suitable for bowls from 3-12" diameter.

For therapists we have a range of specialist mallets made by Chalklin These have yarn covered rubber heads of differing hardnesses fitted to a very responsive, long rattan wood shaft.

Himalayan playing Wands

lots of bowl wands    
Hardwood - small or thin £4.00
Hardwood - large £5.00
Carved handle hardwood £7.00
Suede-covered carved handle hardwood Small £8.00
Suede-covered carved handle hardwood Med £12.00
Suede-covered carved handle hardwood Lge £17.00
Double-ended hardwood/suede Med £8.50
Double-ended hardwood/suede Lge £10.00
Double-ended hardwood/suede £12.00
Cloth covered bowl mallet £13.00

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Custom-made Wands

Custom made Wands for Singing Bowls - Various shapes are sizes are available

Stock and price varies, please enquire for current availability.

  between £4 and £20

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Chinese Bowl Mallets

chinese bowl mallets

Rolled cloth head, wooden shaft

small   £2.00
large   £4.00

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Chalklin-Soulnote Bowl Mallets

chalklin bowl mallets

Yarn covered rubber heads on a rattan wood shaft. Extra long shafts for improved reach, good for playing bowls positioned around the body. Rattan shafts are more responsive than plastic.

SN1 (M10) medium large, rattan wood shaft   £21.00
SN2 (M11) medium small, rattan wood shaft   £19.00
SN3 (M13) medium hard, rattan wood shaft   £19.00
SN4 (M14) hard, rattan wood shaft   £19.00
SN5 large head medium rattan (dk. green head)   £35.00
SN6 large head medium (black head)   £39.00
SN7 meduim size head soft (turquoise)   £35.00
SN8 large head medium felt/yarn white head   £40.00

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Bowl Mats

mats for singing bowls

Made of satin brocade over a felt inner, these thin mats offer an alternative to the much larger bowl cushions. Available in black or red. Pattern varies.

4"   £1.50
5"   £1.75
6"   £2.25
6.5"   £2.50
7"   £2.95

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Bowl Cushions

bowl cushions

Made of satin brocade with a cotton filling and four corner tassels. Pattern is either a 'Dragon' design (long life) 'Japanese style' flower pattern, or a maze type pattern. Please enquire for current stock availability.

small 4" x 4"   £5.00
large 8" x 8"   £10.00

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