In Tibetan Buddhism, the bell represents the female principle in the universe and the dorje (thunderbolt) represents the male principle. When they are used together - bell in the left hand, dorje in the right hand, there is harmony, balance and unity in the universe.

Used for meditation practice and space cleansing. One can also use a bowl wand to play the rim of the bell, producing an oscillating tone.

Sizes are measured as Diameter by Height. All sizes are approximate and small size variations do occur.

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Bells and Dorjes

bells and dorjes


5.5cm by 11.5cm
sample sound £19.00
7cm by13.5cm
sample sound £25.00
14.5cm tall
sample sound £33.00
17.5cm tall
sample sound £45.00


small   £8.00
medium   £12.50
large   £15.55

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Therapy Bells

therapy bells and dorjes

These are very high quality bells which are made with a special bell alloy for tonal purity. Highly recommended for sound therapy work. These bells are difficult to source and not always available. They are sold as a set with the matching dorje.

9cm by 17cm
sample sound approx. £99
9.5cm by 17.5cm
sample sound approx. £119

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Bell Covers

bell covers

Made of cotton brocade with dorje pouch attached and a bottom flap to hold the bell. Various colours available.

v small   £3.00 small  
medium   £6.00
large   £7.50

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